VPS / VM Hosting

5 Reasons to host your VPS or VM with

1) We don't provide VPS's, we offer Xenserver hosted Virtual Machines or VM's. Click here for some information on the difference between Dedicated, VPS and VM hosting.

2) VPS and VM hosting runs on a 1Gbps Ddos protected network. All of our hardware is located at Black Lotus, CA which is world renowned for Ddos protection. Our competent server administrators are also experts at understanding Ddos and are capable of creating custom firewalls for sensitive applications.

3) Hardware, For our VPS and VM Hosting we use:

Server: Dell PowerEdge R710
Processor: TWO XEON E5645 2.4GHz Six-Core 12MB CACHE
Ram: 196GB - 288GB DDR3 PC3-10600 ECC
Drives: 6x 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SAS 6.0Gb/s
Raid: RAID 10

4) For every Dell R710 server we have hosting VPS and VM's, we have another unused server networked via 33064 IB-4X Infiniband Cable to a MELLANOX INFINIBAND 4X HCA PCIe MHGA28-1TC network card housed in each machine. If there is a hardware/network/power problem with the host machine, your VPS / VM will automatically migrate to a backup server without downtime.

5) Price, we offer the best rates for VPS / VM hosting in the industry. Setup turn around is in most cases within the hour when purchased within business hours.

We do not offer VPS or VM Hosting packages, you create your server and we build it specifically for you. Below are some pre configured server examples to show you our price range, please compare these prices with competitors, take into consideration the above information which most VPS or VM providers do not offer. Remember below are not packages that we offer, you can have anything in between or above the below configurations.

- Cores: Single Core
- Ram: 1 GB
- Disk Space: 10 GB
- Ddos Protected Bandwidth: 50 GB
- 1Gbps Ddos Protected Network

Price: $5.00 USD Monthly
- Cores: Six Core
- Ram: 8 GB
- Disk Space: 250 GB
- Ddos Protected Bandwidth: 1 TB
- 1Gbps Ddos Protected Network

Price: $41.00 USD Monthly
- Cores: Twelve Core
- Ram: 16 GB
- Disk Space: 1 TB
- Ddos Protected Bandwidth: 10 TB
- 1Gbps Ddos Protected Network

Price: $87.00 USD Monthly

Additional IP's, cPanel, Plesk and various other Panels and Software is available as addons after through your control panel.

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