ChatSpace Hosting

ChatSpace is powerful internet chat room software used by both large and small chat room networks, businesses and individuals. ChatSpace can be used for a variety of purposes and is most commonly used for entertainment but can also be used for conferences, website live help, gaming and more. Some of the worlds largest chat room networks use ChatSpace and have done so for over a decade. ChatSpace to this day continues to out perform most of the modern chat room software and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Shared ChatSpace Hosting

Shared ChatSpace Hosting is normally utilized by smaller companies or individuals which have a smaller userbase. Shared offers fixed user limit at a reasonable price, so you never pay for more user space than you need to. The ChatSpace services runs in a Shared environment along side other customers which keeps the price low.

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Dedicated ChatSpace

Dedicated ChatSpace is more expensive but your services runs in a dedicated virtual environment and you have no user limitations. This is the option used by larger and growing communities. On checkout it gives you the option to build your virtual machine which dictates how many users the service will handle. Dedicated is a lot more stable and gives you more addon options than Shared.

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ChatSpace Hosting Manager

The Web Based ChatSpace Hosting manager is a Stelivo built product and allows the creation of multiple ChatSpace instances in the same environment. This is a product utilized mainly by companies or individuals who wish to resell ChatSpace and networks/communities that need several chat services to separate it's communities userbase via age group, interest and so on. Below is a YouTube video of the Manager.

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ChatSpace Firewall

ChatSpace is a relatively old program, it is very unstable and crashes easily under strain, this makes even the most minor of attacks effective in shutting it down. The ChatSpace Firewall is custom built by Stelivo and block Proxies, the Tor program, Bot netted IP's and is Ddos protected. It works as a VPN which you connect to and use an IP address provided by Stelivo.

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