Today is the start of our relocation into the new data center.

We're already working with Black Lotus and currently have some hardware already in this data center. Today we begin moving all of the hardware, it's being shipped from Houston TX to Los Angeles CA and we've done it the long expensive way so there is NO downtime.

Members using ChatSpace and Shared ChatSpace services would of already been contacted by Stelivo and given the new information needed to make this change without downtime, other services will be transferred at a later date.

This move is in effort to protect clients network from attacks, although we offer Ddos protected solutions, many clients choose not to use this service, so we've become a Ddos protected service only, no longer serving the standard 100Mbps internet connection.

We've experienced downtime from Ddos over the last few weeks more so than ever which is why we feel it's necessary to make this change.

Most clients are being upgraded free, certain addons services like IP Addresses will have a change in price, this is because it's costing us more money because of the new data center.

It's messy and very sudden, for this I apologize, but it had to be a certain way to keep everyone online, the most essential part of this move is that nobody experiences downtime, and at a great cost to us we have achieved this.

Thank you for being a customer of, your business is greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 15, 2013

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